In 1984 Jessie Turnbull and a few of her neighbours collected together historical information for a pamphlet produced at the time of an ‘Eryholme Festival’. The pamphlet did not claim to be an ‘authoritative document’ but she intended to develop a fuller account, ‘a more authentic booklet’. Unfortunately she was never able to complete it.  Hopefully we will now have that.

A draft history of 35,000 words now exists.  It is remarkable how much information survives, especially lying in archives which have never been used before.  Amazing stories have emerged, some tragic, some moving, some amusing.

We want to produce a stylishly printed and illustrated book, one which hopefully would appeal to a wider readership than those of us who live or have lived in the village.  Publishing this would cost about £1500, depending on the number of copies printed.

The parish is looking at various ways of raising money to pay for it: by a village fund-raising event, by subscription, by sponsorship, and by grant.

In the meantime if you have any suggestions and have any questions about the history of Eryholme please contact us via the website contact form.